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The workshop aims at bringing together simulators and observers focussing on all aspects of galaxy formation and evolution,
from the assembly of the first structures at very high-z universe to our own Milky way and its satellites.



21-22 September 2022 



Sir Michael Dummett Lecture Theatre Complex, Christ Church, Oxford.

Lunches, tea and coffee will be provided each day. A social dinner will be held on September 21st



Invited speakers:

Dr. Nicolas Martin: The Milky Way and its satellites

Prof. Bianca Poggianti: Local and near-by galaxies: morphology, light and mass distribution, kinematics and stellar populations

Prof. Romeel Davé: The environment in which galaxies live and interact with each other

Prof. James Dunlop: From cosmic noon to the highest redshifts

Prof. Ralf Bender: Concluding remarks


Group Photo:

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Public lecture:

On the evening of September 21st, the 4rd Wetton lecture "Peering back to cosmic dawn to decode the mysteries of galaxy evolution"  will be delivered by Dr. Rachel Somerville



For further information please contact Dr. Chiara Spiniello, chair of the organising committee (chiara.spiniello@physics.ox.ac.uk)