As astronomical datasets grow ever larger, new thinking and new tools are required to ensure we get the best from them. This Wetton Workshop will bring together researchers from very different parts of the field - from galaxy evolution, stellar astrophysics, transient astronomy and more - to explore the tools and techniques that will let us that will uncover the surprises in modern surveys. A particular focus is on the discovery of rare and unusual objects and features and the science that can be done with them.

Date: 19-21 June 2018 (Workshop 19 & 20 June, Hack day 21 June)

Location: Sir Michael Dummett Lecture Theatre Complex, Christ Church, Oxford.

Lunches, tea and coffee will be provided each day.



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Public lecture

On the evening of June 19th, the 3rd Wetton lecture "How do we find planets around other stars?" will be delivered by Professor David W. Hogg, New York University.



For further information please contact lara.maisey@physics.ox.ac.uk